Welcome to the DigiMHS API

API which serves Best Practices for Sustainable Forest Management.

Available Protocols


GraphQL is a flexible query language created for APIs. Read more about GraphQL.

GraphQL Explorer tool can be used to try out the API endpoint.

To see GraphQL schema and documentation, use navigation on the left sidebar of the Explorer tool.

GraphQL Explorer (v1)


REST is an architectural style often used for APIs. Read more about REST.

This REST API serves data in JSON format.

We use Swagger to document different REST endpoints, what parameters they take, and what kind of data they return.

Swagger (v1)

API version 2 beta

It is already possible to become familiar with the forthcoming changes in API version 2 by taking a look at the GraphQL Playground or REST Swagger documentation for the new version.

GraphQL Explorer (v2 beta)Swagger (v2 beta)